Sunday, 5 August 2012

What's The Hap!

As of yesterday I just passed the 15K mark on Christmastime at Papa Lee's... And let's just say it went in a whole different direction than I thought it would. But what else is new - we all know I suck when it comes to planning shit out - LOL. I am going to be working on it some more today.

I am sitting here as I write listening to the top 20 of Barnsey (Jimmy Barns - Cold Chisel) songs. it has been great listing to songs I grew up with. Em, the hubs and I went to see them last year or was it earlier this year - bloody Brilliant. (Em says it is at the end of last year - September). Em didn't really like them because she thought he was Bryan Adams.

Anel Viz has a new book out over at Silver Publishing called New Lives: If you like stories that a little different then what is out there then I suggest you give this a go - my personal favourite of his is: The Thought Collector. 

I have until Tuesday before my ma gets back from Cairns, so I will have to write like the dickens to get as much done as possible before then as for the first couple of days after she gets back she will wanna fill me in on the family gossip.

HOLY HELL: the film clip for Choir Girl came on and Jimmy is fucking HOT!!!

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