Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One Of Those Weeks.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you think to yourself - "What the fuck is going on?" In our household this week this is what we have been going through.

1) Emily and the hubs have decided it's fair game on their work jeans - they have each torn a couple of pairs so I will be replacing them and all down the back seam - mind you it has given me an abundance of sick jokes for the next six months or so.

2) Emily spilt curing oil all on the floor of the shed and down the leg of a pair of jeans she didn't rip. typical that is all I can say.

3) Emily went into the head office and left all the stuff she was meant to take sitting in the home office. If that wasn't bad enough she forgot to pick up the stuff from head office and bring it back out to home.

4) The hubs came home with a $330- fine from talking n his mobile phone while driving... and then gets cranky at me because of it - Hey, I wasn't the idiot talking on the phone - LOL. I am one of the good people who pull over or just don't answer the ringing phone.

5) The rego payment slip for the trailer goes missing so it takes me all day to get through all the departments just to pay $89.40 (I may have been the one to lose this but I am not owning up to it.)

Can anyone besides me see a pattern here? I think Em and the hubs should just stop touching things and writing themselves notes and my life would run a hell of a lot more smoothly.

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