Tuesday, 19 February 2013

For Cinders...

Okay, I have been asked for a basis of this story and how it relates to the other series in which I have linked them... they may be getting released arse about but they will still make sense.

In my mind they run in this order:
1) Pack Matters
2) Watson Falls
3) Sons of Evenmore

Though it would be okay to say 2 & 3 run at the same time or in the same time frame... I am still working on coordinating that part of the link up...

Pack Matters
Book 1: Chasing Dreams of You [WIP]
Scott Creely never wanted to be alpha, but when the alpha of the Lockyer Valley Pack decides Scott is getting too strong to follow orders he decides to prove just who is the alpha of the pack. Scott finds himself in the middle of an alpha challenge he didn't start, but by hell he is sure going to finish it.

Jordan Adams knew from an early age Scott was his mate, but a threat from the alpha had him running for the hills. He left his family and his home to keep his mate safe. Five years later he receives a message telling him his mate is in danger and he needs to come home. When he gets there he finds the mate he left behind isn't so young any more, and he isn't alone - he has a family.

Jordan and Scott are forced back together to save the pack they both love from total destruction, but with the intervention of the Ring of Old Ones, they realise not everything is as simple as they would like - it seems the alpha had a side business going on which only his inner circle was privy to. A secret which could destroy not only their pack, but also every coven and other shifter packs for good.

Book 2: More than Words
Book 3: To lose Myself in You
Book 4: Nothing Like I Planned
Book 5: Whatever Makes You Happy


Watson Falls
Book 1: Between One Heartbeat & The Next [WIP]
In his need to be perfect Eli Bailey has one huge-arse meltdown when he finds out the one person he has always loved is coming back to Watson Falls for good. Callous words said so long ago by his twin brother turned him into the wreck he is today.

Zane Watson comes home to find so much can happen in five years. When they forced him to leave  he wasn't sure what he was going to do. He wasn't strong enough to live without Eli in his life. His Parents death sets off a series of events where he finds himself back in Eli's arms... but for how long?

Yet something is still missing, and they don't figure out what until a dingo shifter called Jethro walks into their lives - He's special and needs them as much as they need him.

How are an anorexic Eli, Zane who needs to cut himself to feel better, and a frightened and skittish Jethro going to survive all that the pack and complete strangers throw at them. When all seems lost the Lockyer Valley Pack step in to lend a helping hand. All is not well in the world they have known - who else will be willing to stand by their sides?

Not everybody who does is there to help - some are just  there to further the pain.

Book 2: Walking on a Fine Line
Book 3: Slowly Creeping In
Book 4: Town Full Of Thorns
Book 5: A Little Piece of Heaven


Sons of Evenmore 
Book 1: The Crimson Grimoire [MLR]
When war calls, the Sons of Evenmore answer. But who will stand at their side?

Vampire Mannix Lunos has been given the task of watching over the Keeper. When he  rescues and names the Keeper ‘Jynx,’ he finds himself unexpectedly mated. What's more Mannix now has the job of keeping Jynx safe - a task that will require the help of his coven. For Jynx is more than what he seems. He's the most wanted commodity in the known world and all other supernatural beings are out to capture him.

When war comes knocking at their door, the Sons of Evenmore and their new allies find themselves not only guarding Jynx, but fighting for the right to exist.

Book 2: Blood to Blood [WIP] (Phoenix & Linkin)
Book 3: Do or Die
Book 4: Same Thing in Reverse
Book 5: I will Remain Yours
Book 6: Everything Ends

To be honest, I am still working out how everything gets linked together I just know Scott makes an appearance in all three series as do a couple of other characters. I do know all the bad guys are linked... I should really finish Pack Matters I have about 10 K to write before Chasing Dreams of You is finished.


  1. I love you so very much...You just have no idea. I want you to sit and finish Pack Matters if you have 10K how much can you write on a good day? Migranes are gone? Pains are at a minimum? Thanks you for the updates on everything I will be re-reading this posts for weeks so you may be getting emails from me...lol


    1. If I concentrate I can write between 5K & 7K a day - After I get The mixed tape in I will give myself 3 days to see if I can get PM: CDoY finished for you.