Monday, 25 February 2013

Em's Turn Some Of My TLOM Playlist.

It's time for some music today and I'm feeling very eclectic in what I want to share with you all. These are songs which I have on my The Lines of Marsden playlist. They are songs that range for characters over the whole 18 books. but if I am honest most are for Michael Marsden and Raphael Marsden (in later books). So sit back with a nice cuppa, put your feet up and relax, and let the words flow over you.

I picture Michael and Benj singing this in England
(Book 2 or 3)

I can hear Doyle singing this 
(Book 2 - I have already written this scene)

I hear this song when I start to write the grown up Raphael
(Book 7 or there abouts)

This just screams Raphael to me


  1. Happy Monday to you also sweet thang. Very enjoyable music. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It's the list I have playing on my iPod right now just throw in a heap of Nickelback, The Pretty Reckless, Hooberstank,Sick Puppies and Black Veil Brides and you have my whole list.