Friday, 15 February 2013

Playing Catch Up...

Just received and sent back the Post Proofing edits on Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire...  The more I work on this story the more I actually like it.

I have a favour and that is if or when you read this story could you tell me who's story you would like for # 3: Do or Die... # 2: Blood to Blood is already about Phoenix, so I will need suggestions form then on.

Today I am working on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows... just because I want to... Did I tell you I ended up printing out the whole original story to make the conversion go much faster... I don't know why it's working but it does - I found it to hard to jump between screens on the computer. Okay, I admit it I kept getting distracted. As shocking as that seems it's true.

If anyone has read Bush Bashin' can you tell me if you would want to hear more stories from this bunch of characters? My kiddo won't read it because it is in first person... so she is no help... and Embry seems to be MIA at the moment (Real life work keeps getting in her way). 

I have a few idea's in mind but I don't want to start on them until I know if anyone would be interested in further books - I would call the series Boys from the Bush. But if I totally sucked at this writing style I need to know. I know if I did write more there would be sex in them - this one having none was just a fluke.

Lastly this song if you can disregard the video and listen to the lyrics it would be a great help, as I've had this song stuck on my mind for awhile now and I have the stirrings of a new story building that has absolutely nothing to do with murder... 

I love this guys voice and lyrics in his songs.


  1. hhuummm I will have to read it...I am re-reading but I am picking differnet writers each time I get done with a book...let me see and I will so get back to you with an email I am sure I will need more cause I really miss Jettermane.


    1. OMG - I only just pulled that out the other day and started re reading it so that I can finish the damn thing. Well that, and the other one The Sentinels of Varnuse: Wind Walkers.

    2. when I did I actually thought of you and said to myself. "Self, Cinders is gonna kick your arse if you don't get these finished."