Monday, 18 February 2013

It's Raining Here Today - So I thought...

I would post pictures which have inspired characters for me in some of my stories.

Book Title: Walk This Way
Name : Corey James
Species: Human

Series Title: Toowoomba Boys
Book Title: Angels on Top
Name : Marlowe Weldon
Species: Human

Series Title: The Lines of Marsden
Book Title: (appears in many)
Name : Maffa (Matthew Farnell) & Jaffa (Jasper Farnell)
Species: Twin Werewolves

Series title: The Lines of Marsden
Book Title: (All)
Name : Christian Kincaid-Risely
Species: Vampire

Book Title: Christmastime at Papa Lee's
Name : Casey (Kevin Chambers)
Species: Human

Series title: Masters of Time
Book Title: On the Flipside of Reverse
Name : Tucker McCrea
Species: Witch 

Series title: Pack Matters
Book Title: Chasing Dreams of You
Name : Scott Creely
Species: Werewolf

Book Title: Jettermane
Name : Jettermane Alexandro
Species: Kraviarn Vampire

Series title: Pack Matters

Book Title: Chasing Dreams of You
Name : Jordan & Jaxx Adams
Species: Werewolves

If there is anyone you would like to see how I imagine them leave me a comment and I will show you how I see them.


  1. All is good. Love the pictures and so cannot wait for the HHUUMMM the series Pack Matters have you told us a little about this world? do we have a synosis?


    1. Cinders, today I will tell you my thoughts on Pack Matters though if you look in my series WIPS it will tell you the basis... though I may not have mentioned it is going to be linked to Watson Falls & in a small way Sons of Evenmore.

  2. Every freckin time I look at your WIP's I so just want to write you a long arse letter and sniffle and beg and ya know just become a total nuisant (sp?) I try really hard to hold off. I suck I know.


    1. Well I can tell you the order of what I will be subbung next and in what order... I should have known better (Mixed Tape)... A Different Way of Seeing (Lancaster's Way)... Dancing with Demons (Toowoomba Boys)... Flood Gates (Average Joe)... Living in Shadows (The Lines of Marsden) - TLoM is taking so long because I sat down and thought about it and then talked to Emily and then thought about it some more... and come to the conclusion it needs a major over hall (18 books between 3 lines = 6 books each) at the moment I have the first line having 12 so I am trying to condense the 12 into six and have it still make sense... Em wants Pack Matters, The Diamond Rose (Which she has tattooed across her chest) and watson falls out as well as for me to get to the second line in TLoM as that is when Maffa really comes to the forefront when he finds his mate in the form of a fey boy named Yates Bowen... he is a cute little emo type guy... But if you want something else in there let me know because if you don't push me than no one will.