Thursday, 26 September 2013

Feeling sick...

Why is it that the moment I get sick (I'm in the middle of a bout of Ross River Fever) I get inundated with new story idea's? I try so hard to ignore them but they're yelling so damn loud. I would mind if they were quiet about it or waited patiently in line for their turn to be heard... Hell, even Vlad has thrown his hands up in disgust and told me to sort the mess in my head out myself. So at the moment I've put The Lines Of Marsden guys in charge. Hopefully they will keep everyone in line.

I'll be away tomorrow... I have to take Em tho the chiropractor. Then I have a little shopping to do before I can come home.

Also at some stage this afternoon. I have the Telstra guys coming out to give me a quote about laying new phone lines to our house... Apparently, Telstra isn't allowed to fix anything past the first point of origin in the house... Whoever had this house built put the first point of origin out in the garage/shed which is like 20 feet from the house (totally fricken sucks). I will let you know on another day how much it will cost. Being an Author and constantly on the computer I need the first point of origin to be in the house.

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