Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Talking Taxes & Writing Plans

Remember way back when I said I was caught up in tax bullshit? Well months down the track and I'm no closer to getting it resolved... Apparently accountants and book keepers have a hard time doing their job if I lose dockets etc... But how the hell they expect me to remember back to 2011 I don't know especially when I'm flat out remembering last week.

On a brighter note The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections has gone off to the EIC at Silver Publishing so I'm one step closer for my boys seeing the light of day. I have already started on Book 2 The Connelly Connections: Beautiful Goodbyes. This is a bit of a strange story to write as it is more as a filler book in 4 person pov and I'm getting out there right now it is a HFN - though in future books in the series they all get their HEA.

I have worked out a writing plan for 2014 and I'll show it to you all closer to the end of the year... I'm trying to get myself more organised so that I don't let stories slide that I have been promising for a year. Though I will show you the plan for the end of this year.
  1. The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes.
  2. Landcaster's Way: A different Way Of Seeing.
  3. Preternatural High: Welcome To My World.
NaNoWriMo: Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood

If by any chance I manage to finish and still have time on my hands I have the In between books  (books I write when I have a spare moment). These ones will run on into 2014 as well. They'll eventually get done, but not right now.

  1. The Diamond Rose: Undiscovered Hearts.
  2. Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons.
  3. SPAM Inc: Claiming Roxy's Heart.


  1. Plus the blog stories... mmwwaahhhh....lol.
    I am not trying to kill ya just want "the rest of the story".


    1. Which one--LOL. If anyone was never going to let me forget then I guessed it would be you... p.s. just finished the first 2 chaps in the re write of The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes.