Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting stuff done.

I would get a hell of a lot more work done if I didn't keep getting distracted by stuff like this...

Today I sorted out more tax stuff... thought I had it all finished, but I guessed wrong... It's never-bloody-ending. Though I'm confident     next year I won't have the problems I've had for the last two years.

I'll be away tomorrow doing real life stuff... I've to go into the big city (Brisbane) and do some crap with banks/insurance etc. And just to make it so much more fun--I have a mild dose of Ross River Fever... so headaches/shivers/and tiredness all rolled into one.

What a month to give up drinking Coke. Though, I do feel better for not drinking it--not that I'll ever admit that to my hubs in a million years--LOL.

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