Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Caitlin Ricci ~ Mans Best Friend

Release Date: December 15th
Available: eXtasy Books

Getting captured was least of this stubborn alpha’s worries.

Officer Christopher Saunders just completed his K-9 training and he can’t wait to pick out his first partner. But when none of the specially trained dogs catches his eye, he gets disappointed, until he sees a heroic stray on the news. Christopher is sure he can train the dog himself, if only given the chance.

Too bad Samson has other plans. But going home with this man is a better idea than waiting for his pack to figure out he'd been stupidly captured like some common poodle. The collar and leash also had to go. There was no way he'd be wearing those for long.

Interesting… Samson watched the man in front of his cage. He flicked his ears forward, listening to the sound of the man’s fast heartbeat. He seemed excited for some reason.

“What kind of dog are you?” he asked him, his voice low, while the others had nearly yelled over the sound of the barking dogs around him.

The shape-shifting kind. What kind of human are you? Samson answered him smartly. The man was looking at him strangely. There’d been humans around him all day, most spouting that hero drivel, but this was the first person to actually look at him. Samson had a moment to wonder whether or not his form would really fool this man before he stood back up and unlatched the chain-link gate.

“Right. So I’m Christopher and I’d like to put this leash on you,” he held it out as if to show him.

If Samson could have laughed right then, he would have. The man’s face was nearly priceless. He supposed he should start acting like a normal dog might if he didn’t want people to act so strangely around him. The dog across from him was wagging his whole body and barking madly. Well that certainly wasn’t going to happen, but he supposed he could manage a little tail wag for the man who was so kindly going to put a nylon noose around his neck and parade him around like a peacock. He put some effort into it and even managed to smile as much as this form would allow.

The man, Christopher as he had introduced himself, seemed to brighten instantly and put the leash around his neck. He gave a little click and a tug as if that was supposed to work. “Come on, boy,” he said, with a little frown.

Uh huh…um no… Samson was about to completely refuse when the man reached down and began to pet his neck. There was something soothing about that contact and he found himself leaning into the man’s touch more than he would have liked to admit. If his sister could see him now she would probably mock him for a week and then comment on the fact the man looked like one of the Weasleys from those books she was always reading. He pulled away so he could actually look at the human. Not a bad picture overall. Not classically handsome and a bit more lanky than he usually appreciated, but he had a certain charm. But then again, he couldn’t remember the last time he hadn’t thought a man in uniform held some appeal.

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