Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013: memories, dreams, & future plans.

Boys From The Bush: Bush Bashin' is the book that started of my year. This was one of the hardest books I have ever written for MLRPress - the reasons being:

I had never attempted to write in first person before - and found out that I totally suck at it.

I also wrote no sex in this book even though I knew it would lose me sales - the reason being is the time line of the book was so short I didn't feel right turning Ren & Frog into sluts... I love them just as they are.

I have been asked by some readers to write a prequel featuring the meeting of Lester and Alec the guys who own  Hazeldowns Station - I have put this off due to having to contemplate writing in first person again and if I have the guts to try if I did it would be called: Something That He Said

I wonder if I could just change to third person?


Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire I loved writing... I loved the concept of this book. and the fact that it brings closure to two other series I have rattling around in my head (Pack Matters & Watson Falls).

I know I've published them arse-about - but that's just how it happened. Next year I hope to introduce you to Scott Creely and the guys from Pack Matters and then maybe the Sons of Evenmore will make more sense. 

But for my first submission in 2014 I will be sending book 2 Blood to Blood to the wonderful Christie N at MLRPress for perusal. Fingers crossed she likes it... This is Jhex's story... 

The next off the list will be Phoenix's story: Beneath a Red Moon.


The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections has gone through many changes... most of all being it's name. This story has been close to my heart I have been dreaming of writing Ray and Viv's story for as long as I can remember. I've had many a late night phone call with one of my nieces as I bounced ideas off of her - So thanks Leigh Walker.

There are five stories in this series all revolving in and around the Connelly family. Book 2: Beautiful Goodbyes is more of a filler and definitely a happy for now book, but I feel you need it so book 3 & 4 can take place.

Ray & Viv may be a huge present in the following books but the stories do not revolve around them as some reviewers have suggested.


By The Way is part of the Blokes In Love anthology. which was a give-away at the OZMMMeet in Sydey in October. It is also availabe at Goodreads and other places.

I truly liked this story even though it was light and fluffy. I try not to take reviewers words to heart but at some point you have to say - "You know what? I don't give a rat's-arse what you think." I'm now using the mantra. If I please one person then that's all good. Even though some people thought the story moved too fast - I gained some new fans/followers from said story so all is good.

Shawn & Corey will always hold a spot in my heart... though to give due this story came about because of a conversation with Z Allora & Jambrea Jo Jones on Facebook.


Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse is a long time coming and will be my 1st release for 2014 - it will be releasing through MLRPress on January 17th.

I submitted this way back in June/July and due to some changes in editors it is only now just being released. I can't wait for this book to be released. The story introduces Storm Gennaro & Heath Madden and the world they live in where not everything is exactly human.

I've already started on book 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance (Linc & Gideon's story) and have ideas for book 3: Messages From The Dead (Delaney & Sydney's story).

I'm not sure if you would class this story as Urban Fantasy or Paranormal. I just know I had a hell of a lot of fun writing it.


The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea will be my 2nd release in 2014 and will be releasing on January 25th from Silver Publishing (I will add cover art when I receive it). This is the first story I ever wrote. 

**Background Info** when I was just starting high school my dad had not long passed away. so mum kept me close to home and my one outlet was writing and so I began to create this other world parallel to our own. Grayson & Jondalar became a huge part of my life... 

Back then did I ever think I would publish them - no way! I put the story away - okay, I may have lost it for around 30 years... cleaning up a couple of years ago I found the story and all the notes... and while re reading it for shits & giggles it occurred to me with some minor adjustments to modernise the story and adding punctuation I had a chance of getting this story published... there are three parts to this series the following two stories are: Broken Serenity & New World Alliance.

**Note to possible readers** This is a story that is told through the Pov of three different people (Grayson, Bailin, & Jarkebb)... they are not all in a three-way relationship- each has their own mate and roll to play in this story.


The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. This will be my 3rd release for 2014 from MLRPress and will be coming out some time in March.I know we're not supposed to have favourite characters- But I have to admit these are mine.  I have loved Michael Marsden & Doyle Kerwin since their inception.

There are 18 books planned in this series, and most are partially written in some form or another Living In Shadows follows on from Rules Are Meant To Be Broken... and will hopefully soon be followed by book 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces

The series will follow 3 lines, and each line will have six books/stories to tell - though the stories themselves may have different main characters as wel - people from within the coven and pack.
  1.  Michael, Gypsy, & Benj.
  2. Raphael, Michaela, & Vladimir (who was named after the cat).
  3. Isaac, Rory, & Charlie.

Future Plans and Resolutions:
They're on in the same really -  I tried to make them as achievable as possible:
  1. Get Ten books published and/or mostly written.
  2. Catch up on filling in my character profiles so that I have them all on hand when needed. It will make my life so much easier.
  3. Keep on top of cleaning/yard work - I may have been a tad slack this year on the yard work - my small measure of OCD won't allow for a dirty house.
  4. Save up money for repairs/extensions - about 60K all up so this will be an ongoing resolution until everything gets done.
  5. Get rid of the surplus crap around house and yard - if we don't use it then it needs to go.  

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