Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cherie Noel ~ 2 Rescue Twinks releases

Release Date:


Former Christmas Village elf, Adrien Jimenez has discovered something very wrong in Lovesville, USA aka Syracuse, NY… His favorite Santa and live in lover, Devon Soto, is breaking dates right and left. Worse yet, the big, sexy Puerto Rican won’t spill a peep about why. Worst of all, during a routine trip to the local mall to replace the latest in a long line of phone fatalities, Adrien spots Devon hovering protectively over a cute, ginger-haired current elf at the Christmas Village. Hold on to your candy canes… with a dash of Rescue Twink glitter, a donated red velvet bikini and the resurrection of YouTube’s Stupid Shit Adrien Does channel, Adrien is doing his go-go elf best to ring Santa’s bells.

Will add this Blurb as soon as Cherie sends it to me along with the buy links...

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