Monday, 23 December 2013

Suzzana C Ryan ~ Licks: Holly's Christmas Story

Release Date: Out Now
Available: Amazon

Pretty sexy Holly Davenport loved Christmas and wanted to spread some yuletide cheer. Her target, store Santas. She’d had a fixation with them as long as she could remember and wanted to do something nice for her favorites. She was sure her naughty generosity wouldn’t be refused.

Chester Walters plays Santa every year for his nieces and this year he needs a new suit. He spots the hot little blond and makes it his business to follow her. He meets Holly and learns of her naughty holiday cheer. Ironically he’s found a new Santa suit and now he wonders will he be part of her new sexy Christmas tradition?

A little tease:
On Clemens Street was a large department store and she had already checked out its Santa concluding he was in need of some good loving. He’d be the first recipient of her Christmas cheer. She waited on line with the rest of the kids watching each child sit on his lap and recite what they wanted for Christmas. Finally it was her turn. She sauntered up to the older man who sat their watching her approach.

“Sweetheart you missing something?” he asked.

“Why no Santa,” she replied. “I’ve a Christmas list too. Mind if I sit on your lap?”

If his smiled got any broader he might crack his face, she thought. He patted his lap and she sat down on his knee. She wanted to look around but grabbed onto his neck to steady herself. “Honey this is a bit unusual but go ahead tell Santa what you want for Christmas.”

She bent her head to his ear. ‘What does Santa want for Christmas?” She slowly ground her ass on his knee.

“Oh honey,” he whispered low.

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