Sunday, 5 January 2014

I got gipped I tells ya!!! & Other news...

Yesterday I went with Emily and my hubs to Movie World - It's where Em wanted to go for her birthday (even though her b'day is Jan 9)... All I wanted was my picture taken with Marvin the Martian... but did I? Noooo.... there were only  2 characters that I saw dressed up and that was Austin Powers  & Marilyn Munroe. (Okay, so it might have been 45C/113F) but that's besides the fricken point. So anyway I decide second best thing is I'll buy some Marvin memorabilia-- I walk through every damn shop there was, and nothing - not one Marvin the Martian thing to be found... The good part is I never got sunburnt.

On a brighter note I hope to have the cover art for The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea in the next week or so - I'm so excited and can't wait to share - I just know Reece Dante will come up with something Amazing like she always does.

Okay, so far for 2014 I'm still 2 days ahead on my writing schedule for book 3 of the Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons (Damon's story). I hope to be finished by the 16th. Then I hope to have  book 2 in Lancaster's Way: A Different Way Of Seeing (Chase's story) finished by the first week in Feb. At the moment book 2 in Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood (Jhex's story) is at the beta readers, and hope to have it subbed in the next week or so.

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