Thursday, 16 January 2014

Jackie Nacht ~ Full Moon Gamma

Release Date: 15 January 2014
Available: eXtasy Books

When Rayce finds he has two paths before him, the unknown consequences is the only alternative to help the man he loves survive.

Rayce is sent on a recon mission to find out if hellhounds are in Lansing. What he discovers on his way is his mate, Peyton, has followed him into the very heart of danger.

Peyton has loved Rayce from the moment Rayce saved him. He knows he probably shouldn’t be following Rayce, but the instinct driving him to protect the man he has already fallen for causes him to go recklessly into the city. All is not as it seems, and Peyton will have to find strength to survive not only for himself but his mate and friends as well.

Peyton watched as Deacon held the phone to his ear and frowned while listening to someone or some message. Did something happen to Rayce?

Deacon disconnected before walking back and sitting back down on the stool. “It appears that we have a welcoming party waiting for us. They told us what house we’re supposed to meet them at.”

Shit. “Is Rayce pissed?”

Deacon shrugged. “I got a message from Malach. He didn’t seem pissed; just said he wanted you in a safe location. I’m not sure about Rayce. I bet he’s not too happy that his mate is putting himself in danger even if it is a recon mission. What would have happened if you would have…” Deacon glanced over his shoulder before whispering, “…run into one of them?”

Peyton hadn’t thought of it. He had only thought of losing Rayce. Fear all but clouded his commonsense since the attacks.

Staring down at his hands, Peyton shook his head. “I wasn’t thinking about me.”

Deacon nudged him. “You need to start. There are two people in a mating, and they need to take care of each other and themselves. Never forget yourself, okay?”

Their food arrived, but Peyton had all but lost his appetite. He could go back and let Rayce do his job, but just as he thought that, a horrible gut feeling hit him again. He almost fell out of the chair as the panic set in. He just knew…dammit, he knew something was off about all this. He just couldn’t fucking figure it out.

“Hey, Peyton, look at me.” Deacon turned him on the stool.

Peyton’s breathing was erratic and out of control.

“What’s going on?” Deacon’s voice was alarmed.

“Panic,” Peyton rasped. He didn’t want to do this here, not in public for everyone to see. Clambering out of his seat, he all but ran to the restroom in the hallway. After pushing the door open, he went straight for the sinks and leaned on the counter while his hands shook uncontrollably to turn on the cold tap. Leaning down, he splashed water over his face, trying to slow his breathing.

He looked up at his reflection. Water dripped down his chin, and hell, he looked terrible, like he hadn’t slept in days. He hadn’t, but he didn’t want to appear that way. For the first time in weeks, Peyton stared at his features. His blue eyes, which used to hold so much amusement, looked haunted, older. ****, he’d changed a lot in the last couple months.

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