Monday, 13 January 2014

Updates & such...

Well, after being knocked back from the Navy due to having no spleen my kiddo could have given up... but no, Em has just attended a seminar to see what it entails to join the police force. I went with her and apparently there is a lot. I don't know if I could pass all the testing but I'm hoping that Em does great and achieves her goal - she has even gone and joined a fitness group to help her with some of the training.

Okay, enough about Em now it's on to me - LOL.

I've just had an email from Christie N who tells me she's just started reading through Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood... hopefully I'll find out soon if it will get picked up.

Due to real life, I've fallen behind on the three projects I want to have done by mid March... I'm hoping at some stage I can make up the week I've lost... but if not I'll move the deadline to March 31. I'm still working on Toowoomba Boys: Dancing With Demons (10K in)... But as the saying goes - Family comes first--Always!

I've also been making plans to get some improvements done around the house... I organise them and then the hubs and Em put them into action.

4 more days until...
 Experimentals (1): Blessed With A Curse,
 is released at MLRPress.


  1. Life and family is always first. You will do it!!


  2. I will get there... but I know It won't happen until March 31 now...