Monday, 6 February 2017

I Have Ouchies

Yesterday I fricken pulled something in my back. Today I'm feeling a little better, but still in pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I've taken the time to re read some of my old stories... EG: I've been reading the original version of The Lines Of Marsden series (which I started back in 2007)... OMG aside from my crappy punctuation they are still good stories. I'm going to see if I can change out the characters and tweak the story line and change them into completely different books Maybe Young Adult. as back then I obviously skipped/glossed over the sex scenes.

Yes, I know this is putting me behind in my writing schedule, but I know I will eventually catch up, because I know I work well under pressure... Plus I know some of the future stories already have wordage in them so I'm not too worried just yet.

I've also got my aunt and cousin up from Sydney... they aren't staying with me, but are visiting. I haven't seen my aunt in over a a decade and my cousin in about 40 years... it was nice to catch up.

Man has it been stinking hot here in my little part of Australia. I can't wait for Winter to roll on through, and hope like hell it's bloody cooler than last year. Even my poor cats love being inside for the aircon. and the bird gets ice in his water tray... but in saying that, this new place is still better than the last house (heat wise).

I also woke up with the start of a very bad headache this morning... I get like a rainbow hazy effect in my line of sight. so everything is all blurry and my head ripples with pain. Don't worry I've been to the Dr's about it, and they tell me it's the start of a migraine... and as long s I take my medication ASAP then it won't turn into a full blown migraine. Fingers crossed I was quick enough today.

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