Thursday, 1 June 2017

Updates #2...

Everyone will be happy to know that Droogie had a scratch & lick free night. I know that I certainly am because it meant that I finally got a decent nights sleep. I'm hoping that he's on the mend now, and will soon be getting better.

I had to do a stupid online survey today about a shed that was built in 2012... how the hell am I supposed to remember every little dollar my ex-husband spent building the damn shed, that I had to get certified at the end of 2016 to be able to sell the house... I hope I don't get into trouble now because I can't fill in the forms properly because it is a bloody $180 fine... wouldn't it be just my luck.

Winter should well and truly be heading my way by now, but it seems to be holding off. I bet if we were still at the old house we would be freezing by now. I'm actually kinda glad this place isn't as cold. Though today is chillier than it has been for the last couple of days. I really do prefer the cooler weather. Except for when it comes to doing the washing as I hate washing the jeans and jumpers. Living in Australia, I don't have a drier━a) they cost too much to run power wise, and b) usually ours sun is hot enough to dry anything in a short amount of time.

Today I think I might start working on a back burner book to get me back into the mindset for writing so that when July 1 rocks around, I'll have my head in the right space to be where I need to be to get my books written for the end of the year. For now I just need something to work on so that it doesn't even matter that it's crap... I'll eventually get back to it and clean it up if I want to work on it at a later date.

I've been thinking a lot about the books that I need to get written, and I'm worried about which ones I need to get out to my readers first. I've lost track of what order I was supposed to write them all in. So I'm going to have to ask for forgiveness if I get them all mixed up.

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