Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Update On Plotting For 2018

For the last 2 days, I've been re-reading my own stories... because low & behold I should remember which character belongs in which series. So I have mountains of notes beside me...

for the next few days, I'll be working on the plotting for the last 3 stories in the Lancaster's Way series #3: Pre-loved (Chet & Grady)... #4: Riding Fences (Kelly Mack & Joshua)... #5: A Stuart Family Christmas (Not sure who about yet but one of Riley's brothers and will be set in Australia... Noah & Riley will be visiting Riley's home for the holidays).

This would be so much easier if I remembered all the character names and my existing storylines...  Remember not all of these will get written in 2018 it's more for me to remember where the hell the story is meant to be going━So far I have done...

1 - Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear The Scarlet Moon
2 - Sons of Evenmore 4: Pieces of You
3 - The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses
4 - The Lines of Marsden 5: On the 12th Day
5 - The Lines of Marsden 6: And Then You Die
6 - Experimentals 3: Messages From The Dead

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