Thursday, 29 December 2011

What's The Goss!!!

I Just had the best news last night, my good friend Z Allora got the release date for the second book in The Dark Angels series. Tied Together will be released on  January 6th at MLRPress  I can so not wait for this book to be released I have been snoopy dancing since we found out.

I have until the 10th of January to finish writing a short Novella for the Valintine Day antho for MLRPress
I am doing the second book in the Toowoomba Boys series it is two years since we met the boys in Angels on Top. The story I am now working on is called Hunting for Clay. I figure if I write 2K a day then I will stay on track.

I have begun edits on The Lines Of Marsden: Rules Are Made To Be Broken (I still haven't gotten the final cover yet.) I can tell you that the edits aren't really anything major at this stage but I have come to hate the words (like - look - smile - that & ...)
I never realised just how much I used them until they were pointed out to me. But I suppose it is another step closer to getting a release date.

On Occasion I will be writing posts on another blog that I am involved with. Paranormal Paradigms. I will let you know each time I post. I will set up an easy link on the left side of my blog so you can get there without trouble.

The Former series that went by the title The Realms of the Great Beyond has now been changed to S.P.A.M. Inc. (Suspicious Paranormal Activity Monitoring Incorporated.)

Toowoomba Boys: Angels on Top


  1. Awesome about Z. Allora's book I have the first one and will be reading it over the weekend so I can be ready for the next installment.

    So excited about our adventure as well...Gonna Be Our Year...2012!!!!!

  2. Damn Straight!!! okay maybe a little more than bent. 2012 is the start of something good.