Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today's Ramble...

Totally have a mind blank...

Okay, I really do have a mind blank so I thought I would just ramble on a bit about the next instalment of my Toowoomba Boys. This is the cover, & even though it doesn't say it on there it is the second book in the series. It will be available from MLRPress on the 10th of February.

By the title I am guessing that you already know it is about Clay & Hunter. I delve more into Clay's family background. I also introduce more characters in this story - Dimmy~Dimitri Linford (you might remember being mentioned as Angelo's brother in Angels on Top), Jayden Montgomery (Clay's younger Brother), Arthur & Graham Danevport (are also brothers- I must have a thing for brothers.) Damon Malone is a character that is quite a bit in this book working with Hunter & for Authur

Damon's story will be told in the next instalment: Toowoomba Boys 3: Dancing with Demons. (Inner demons not actual demons). I am working on this one right now...

Check this out and enjoy the wonderfully talented chocolateminx made a trailer of the MLR Valentine releases.


  1. You have to have a day of nothingness sometimes just to get ready for the important days LIKE BLOG days...LOL!

    1. I agree with Cinders. Nothingness is somethingness... that isn't a word, is it? Can we make it a word?
      Cool book cover!!!!!!!
      Big hugs,
      Z. Allora

    2. @Cinders,
      I blog every day - mind you I haven't written Fridays Jettermane yet... and I am getting tattooed tomorrow... I better get it done today I guess as I have to go out Friday as well - taking Em to the Chiropractor.

      Go ahead babe, I make up words all the time... awesomest is my latest one... but I am an Aussie and people would just think it is part of our Aussie lingo anyway.