Friday, 10 February 2012

What's the Goss???

Okay, due to unforeseen (yes I have known about it for a month) circumstances, somebody - who I will not mention, (you whistle and I will point - at me), forgot to write Jettermane (again). So I will have to write it for tomorrow (just so Cinders doesn't kick my arse).

Today I had Emily at the Chiropractor and getting the hubs ready to head off to Coffs Harbour to work - he may or may not be back for Valentine's Day... not that it matters as due to work he is always away on that day or has been for the last 10 years (or pretty much close to it).

Though I do have some good Goss:- Toowoomba Boys 2: Hunting for Clay is now available at MLRPress.


  1. Everyone forgets, it happens...I hope the hubs does come back to ya for Valentines's Day..Oh and congrats on the new book.

  2. I knew I needed to poke you on Facebook.LOL Or on the yahoo groups. But hey I can wait *grumble grumble where is that damn bottle of vodka* sniffle sniffle C I is ko I ca'n weight teel sumthin I remeber I ned from U..LOL I love ya darling give hubster a hug and you can always celebrate V-Day on the weekend we are.


  3. HUNTING FOR CLAY rocks! The review will be up tomorrow! Here is my enty for the contest. Love ya!


  4. Replies
    1. Back at you babe - without you Marlowe would be called something else completely - LOL.