Thursday, 2 February 2012


I have just finished the galley for Hunting for Clay and have just sent it off to Kris - Fingers crossed it is finished.

I have been hard at it all day today - I think I nearly sent myself blind I was concentrating so hard on trying on any any mistakes I might still have.

I am only going to  keep this short and sweet because today is my birthday I turn the BIG 43 and I want to put my feet up and spend the afternoon reading... in case you are wondering what... I am on a Carol Lynne fix and I am re-reading the Men In Love Series...

Here are some Reviews over on Amazon on Angels on Top.

Here are five songs for my birthday
to get the party started.


  1. Have a wonderful day. Just remember when you look into the mirror you are seeing someone I care about and they are beautiful.


    1. I looked in the mirror this morning and went 'shit, I am awesome.' My family took me out to dinner last night so it was all good. & I got the galley done for Hunting for Clay.