Monday, 14 May 2012

Beautiful According To Me - Andy Six

All About Andy (Biersack) Six
I have no rights to these images I just wanted to share why this young man is:
Beautiful According To Me

I found this to be fricken awesome. This is one seriously talented person. I was mesmerized from start to finish as I watched it come alive.

Beneath all the stage make-up there is a truly beautiful young man underneath it all. I found out Recently he is the same age as my daughter (Okay, so my daughter told me that  - She keeps telling me 1990 was a very good year).

This is to show you all what he looks like with his newer haircut (yes it ages him slightly) but in all honestly I think he is way better looking with the shorter hair. (Emily informs me Andy is 6"3' - So very tall - I would probably reach his nipples - Get your minds out of the gutter people)


  1. Andy Sixx has inspired several characters. Most recently in my work there is a character: his name is Tian Di and his in Made In China LOL...
    Whenever, I am blocked I watch Fallen Angel by Black Veil Bride and I find scenes are constructing themselves and I can't type fast enough...
    On YouTube great video: Pens and Knifes which is a song he wrote about growing up in KT and how he was bullied... he decided putting it into music was how he would cope.
    I find him to be a fascinating person... okay and his makeup doesn't hurt!!!!
    Hugs, Z.

    1. I find him fascinating as well - he has inspired a few of my adult MM stories and a few of my Young Adult MM stories I am in the process of writing. I was watching him on You Tube yesterday and found him to have a great sense of humour... He has beautiful eyes.