Monday, 7 May 2012

Updates & Whatnots...

Man, is it cold here this morning. My little part of Australia is freezing.

Update #1: One Last Kiss Goodbye, has moved up to the next step in editing over at Silver. (yeah I have no clue either). I do have an email somewhere that explains it all to me - I will have to read it again. Still coming out for Father's Day in June.

Update #2: I am still waiting to receive the Galley for The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. and they better come soon as that is due for release on June 1st.

Update # 3: I am working on TLOM 2: Living in Shadows. I have decided to re write a huge chunk of it - just because I can.

Update # 4: Embry and I are in discussions on SPAM Inc. today, we are going to get some of our rough spots smoothed out in our world we are creating. We need to work out a bit of a file system so we both have the same files we are working on so we don't screw up when we are both writing the same character in different books - believe me I have done it before all on my lonesome. (Yes I admit it I screw up) LOL.

Update # 5: When Souls Collide might be ready for Galley as well - I am not sure on that I have't heard from my editor in a few days. (Mind you the poor woman is run off her feet with all the work she has to do, as I am only one of the author's she edits for.) WSC will be out for Father's Day as well. I really like this story and will be writing one follow on book about two of the secondary characters. I will let you all guess as to which two, (maybe I've already told you).The book will be called: A Different Way Of Seeing.

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