Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just A Quickie...

Made by my sister Catherine.

Well the first thing is to say that starting tomorrow I will be back up and running to a kind of normal schedule on this blog. So what has been happening in my life?

1- Hop Against Homophobia was just this past few days (17th - 20th). I swear we have to make it run for longer next year just so I make it around all the blogs  - I still have a few to go.

2- I have been doing last minute edits One Last Kiss Goodbye for Silver Publishing.

3- I did the galley proof on The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken and sent back to MLRPress.

4- And I have been working on my YA story: This Is How I See You.


  1. The webpage looks gorgeous - it's so you. I also can't wait to read This Is How I See You ^.^

    1. I am actually working on three of them at once kind thing. Plus I have the YA blog story happening called:Welcome To My World. Kate only has three followers and one of them is me LOL.