Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Can You Believe...

Can you believe how fast this year is flying by? It only feels like yesterday I celebrated Christmas and  now it is only 48 days away... I am busy trying to get my 2012 commitments finished because next year I have specific things I want to get done and out in 2013. But I will tell you what they are on Jan 1st.

My poor cat Droogie has had a woeful year as well - his latest incident happened when I was at GRL. A neighbours dog bit him on the head and no one even realised - when I got home it was the first thing I saw as half his face was swollen... Two weeks later he is almost back to normal and following me around in case I leave again.

Em is back at work and working hard - she has been working late nearly every day to help get some drilling done for her dad. Don't ask me because I don't know - If I act like I'm interested then I would probably have to help, (there's a method to my madness).

Exciting news is in about eight days Embry Carlysle is going to submit her first story (Warrior Vamps) for publication to MLRPress so I have all my crossables crossed for her. I know she is a tad nervous so can you all keep your fingers crossed as well.

This year I have met so many interesting people for the first time - some I have know over the net some not. And some people have given me as well as many other people plot bunnies (yes Jared I'm talking about you). next year I hope my friends list grows because there are so many interesting people I have still yet to meet.


  1. Thanks dear friend of no pressure at all lol..........((hugs))

    1. Pressure is what get us through - **insert whip cracking noises** Now get back to work.

  2. This year has gone really fast. I tried to comment on Embry's site yesterday telling her I cannot wait for the book to get out and asking about "Will" and telling her I am a great stalker or I mean fan, but blogger hates me I need to just start over there I guess.
    Sorry about you pup I hope he is better now, And darling when are we getting Wind Walkers in book form?


    1. Actually I think it might be her blog - I took me heaps of goes the other day when I tried to comment... she will have to look at it. LOL Droogie is a cat... though to be honest I really think he thinks he is a dog... he sure acts like one.