Saturday, 3 November 2012

Today I am....

=> Again I got up before the rest of the household and began working on my NaNo story - I got another couple of K done bringing my total up to 5,420... but apparently the NaNoWriMo site doesn't like me today and won't let me log in to up date my stuff - I will keep trying all day until I get it done.

=> I am determined to finish my bloody Aussie Day story today - I was at the Doctors yesterday with Em and then did some running around for our company so I didn't get a damn thing done. I need to get it to my Beta today.

=> Did I tell you I bought a trampoline... and no not for my kiddo, because as most of you know she is 22 (almost 23). I got it for me the Doctor said it is a great way to exercise... I had to get one with a safety net as most people who know me know how much of a klutz I am... I will let you know how it's going - or - how many bruises I have accumulated. I am hoping the hubs can put it together for me today - and wouldn't you know it - it looks like it is about to piss down rain. (After seeing pictures of myself at GRL I decided next year the pictures will look way better - I don't want to be supper thin or anything I just want to be healthier. Em has me on a better eating and exercise routine. .. Remind me later and I will give you an update on what is happening with me, (after GRL I came home and I was 104 kg or 229.2 lbs). I can happily say I have lost some since then I am calling the regime... Project HEA 2013 = Healthier eating Alternative & 2013 because I will keep going until GRL 2013.


  1. Ugh, I'm also seriously (seriously! This time it really is seriously!) going to step up in healthiness and weight loss before next year. Good thing is that I ate so much crap on my USA road trip that I'm actually craving healthy foods now. Waffles, pancakes, bacon, chocolate etc. just makes me shudder (except for Almond Hershey's Kisses - I could eat those forever and ever. Fortunately, they cost a ton in Iceland, so I don't buy them here).

    But hey! I just saw "I decided next year..." - you're coming next year??

    1. At this time it is a possibility - Em wants to go for sure.