Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Just Subbed...

Just a quick note - I just subbed my Australia Day story: Bush Bashin' to MLRPress. I am damn tired I can tell you as I wrote about 6K all up yesterday on all my different projects. I have to write a blurb for AD:BB and I don't want to as I suck at blurbs... but it has to be done and as my mum says, "Suck it up, Princess, and get the job done."

Now I can concentrate on the NaNoWriMo and the Warrior Vamps - Come on December - LOL. Once November is passed I won't be quite so hectic.


  1. Loving life as I will get another read from you.lol I really need to go through you tabs and see what I am missing. I like getting money from having a job but I hate that I miss some of my writers release dates and then life gets in the way and I forget like a 121 yr old woman. lol


    1. LOL I love that you like my work... It's fans like you who make it all worthwhile.