Thursday, 15 November 2012

Updates On Me...LOL.

Yes, I still have my bloody  headache and it is driving me completely nuts. But I will get through it eventually with the help of my trusty friends Codeine & Panadol. Okay give me a good twenty minutes for them both to kick in so I can write and it actually makes sense.

I have made it to halfway through my effort for NaNoWriMo - Taking Chances: Lie to Me and reached the 25K mark but I will have to admit defeat and say I don't think I will make the whole 50K this year as I still have so much to do on other projects.

I also finally managed to reach 15K on my Warrior Vamps - Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire and still have a further 10 K to write before it is complete. So everyone keep everything crossed that I make it in on time.

On other more exciting news - I have 1 WEEK until Em and I go and see Nickelback and I can get myself a new t-shirt. 3 years is a long time between shows. Now if the Americans could just send me over Theory of a Deadman, Chris Daughtry, Black Veil Brides, Sick Puppies, Linkin Park (and actually do a concert in QLD) then I will e a very happy girl - I think our next concert will be Green Day if we manage to get tickets.

I got the mock up of my cover from MLR for Christmastime at Papa Lee's... as soon as I get the final copy I will put it on display for you right here n this blog  - Lucky it's mine

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