Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Getting Tattooed Today...

Today I'm getting Tattooed at
By the awesome & talented
Ted Saddo

Press on the shop name link and you can go take a look-see at what they are all  about. heck you may even see some of my other tats there as well as Emily's and my hubs.

My Tatt is similar to this one but where as she holds pumpkin goo mine doesn't she holds a human heart... mainly so she matches in with my other horror/paranormal/gothic pictures in my full left sleeve.

The beautiful artwork was done by 
over at 


  1. Looks awesome I want to get a great horned owl tatt just haven't seen one close to what i want.


    1. If you describe what you want most tattoo artists should be able to draw it up for you... Just a thought.

    2. I want a realistic one and I wish for it to be on my left thigh. I want it to be three hands but I will see.


    3. They still should be able to draw up exactly what you want.