Friday, 18 January 2013


 Okay, I am about a fifth of the way through Living in Shadows, book two in - The Lines of Marsden series. and I like the way it is turning out... for all of you who like Doyle in this book we learn more about him along with the other characters while I introduce even more people into the mix... even if you don't know how important they will be until later books.

 I'm also working great on I Should Have Known Better for the MLR 80's Mixed Tape Anthology. I'm about to start the second chapter... mind you this book I have actually restarted three times, but I am happy with this version... even if the story is quite different from what I first envisioned.

 Dancing with Demons, book three in the Toowoomba Boys is going under a major overhaul so that it focuses more on the two main characters and less of the others from previous books.

 A Different Way of Seeing which is book two in Lancaster's Way I am taking my time with because I want to get Chase's book right. I want to do the man justice.

 Other than that I have had visitors all week so I will get back on track with my writing schedule at the start of next week.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan and following it through and yes I realize real life will interrupt it once a while but hey I will so wait and bugged you to death if I think you are just taking too long. lol nothing like having a stalker quite like me huh?


    1. you are deffo awesome, Cinders... the rellies have all finally left so I can get back to normal now and get some serious writing done... so hard with a 4 & 5 year old wanting my attention. I will miss them dearly but glad the house is quiet again.