Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just A Quickie...

Okay I have been away from the computer for a few days because I have been busy as  all get out... with doctors appointments, Emily getting a new car and helping her organising all the damn paperwork - fricken killed a forest I reckon. Then more recently I have been running around picking up stuff and helping my brother get his new Tattoo shop set up. I think today we are renovating and removing trees.

But I didn't want you all to think I had forgotten to blog. I'll be back to normal soon... well normal as can be - LOL.


  1. Yeah i just figured life raise up on its hind legs and roared. Congratulations on new car Em! Brother N love tatts may the business make a hugh profit.


    1. Ted is always booked out but the renovations are hard work... Ted and I are both in our 40's and we just look at each other and go fuck I hate getting old... but we are getting the job done... today we are working on the ceiling and plaster boarding the walls.