Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Well today I just past the 25K mark on: I Should Have Known Better. and as I told you all I ended up emailing the wonderful Kris J and will find out what she suggests. I will let you know when I do.

Though I must admit I love the twist this story has taken me to... This is definitely a one off story, but it could so easily turn into a whole series. The characters for me are so intriguing and I want to know about them all, and not just the two main characters I have chosen for this particular story.

I am hoping to get it finished and sent to my beta reader by the 9th of March so he can go through it before I make any last minute changes and submit it to MLR... Depending on what Kris J says the title may stay the same or it may change completely.

"Sometimes the path you start off in writing a story, twists and turns until you end up in a completely different, and magical place."


  1. I hope Kris has good news for ya. I hope the beta loves it and I am always hoping we always have series for the characters that pop up.


    1. I always seem to fall in love with secondary characters hence why I love Doyle so much in TLOM and am now rewriting the story a tad to include him more.