Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Today I Am...

Today I am... mainly going to be off line as I try and catch up and get ahead of my writing schedule... I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I probably won't be on line then either... definitely back on Thursday though.

Today I am... also doing the washing as apparently no one else in the house knows how to use the damn washing machine.

Today I am... going to stay in my pj's today as I'm freezing my arse off all because winter has finally decided to come out and play.

Today I am... cleaning out my birds cage as the little bugger has ripped down all the hanging toys and dropped them onto the bottom of the cage.

Today I am... going to finish doing all the annoying little cleaning jobs around the house which I keep putting off.

Today I am... not going to panic because I haven't heard back from the Publishing houses I've subbed to. I'm going wait patiently--well patiently for me...LOL


  1. All will be well. And stay warm.

    1. I'm not panicking yet... too excited I got a contract today.