Friday, 2 May 2014

Updates On My Work...

Just heard from Totally Bound... I have a good feeling about getting the contract with them for The Connelly Chronicles. I just have to tweak a couple of the synopsis for future books to fit with their needs... so that's what I'm doing today. Even if I don't get a contract, then at least I have the course plotted for the following four books in the series. So for me it's a win-win situation.

Over the weekend I'll finish off Trying Not To Love You, and then on Monday I'll start on finishing off Toowoomba Boys 3: Dancing with Demons. After that I'm not sure what's on my list. 

I'm still waiting to hear back from Wayward Ink Press about The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea ... and after talking to Bronwyn H, I know I'll definitely be re-working both A Moon-Runner Christmas (which may have a name change) and One Last Kiss Goodbye, because I want to write Micah & Sammy's story as well.


  1. Getting more books out, having new characters coming out of the wood work and still trying to maintain your sanity good Can't wait for your books darling.

    1. You know me work well under pressure and in utter chaos....LOL.