Tuesday, 4 November 2014

No Sleep ~ Insomnia

So I must admit I've had like about an hours sleep last night I had insomnia brought on by my fricken scars being so painful and keeping me awake.

Did I let it get me down? No. Instead of bitching and complaining I decided to work on NaNoWriMo all night and I have made it to 27K... I have 3K left to write on Adrian & Lockie before I can start on Running Into Zero Tolerance... Just hope it all makes sense - LOL.

I've done 2nd edits on Heart-mate, Mine! and I think it has gone off to line edits now at Fireborn Publishing.

In other news we are all happy, healthy, and doing okay in my little part of Queensland; Australia. Why is it so hard to get the kids up in the morning? At 13 & 24 I would think they'd be easier but it would seem neither wants to go to high school/university. But I've been up for hours so what would I know... LOL

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