Thursday, 19 March 2015

Insomnia ~ It's Back

Why oh why does insomnia remain transfixed on me? I just wish that I could get a decent nights sleep... My museVladimir tells me that it's not likely for this year. Between my writing and my real life I'm going to be run off my feet.

Today I planned on sitting down to write, but yet I find myself having to run out and take care of errands. I'm tried, but at least Em has come home to drive me around. It also doesn't help that my hubs gets up for work at 4am, so if by the grace of God I do fall asleep he wakes me the hell back up.

Decided after I get my cover for DRitC 2015: Hollow's Trouble I will write my synopsis up and send it to DareDevil with whom I got the prompt from... just to get their imput.

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