Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Friend Or My Enemy ~ Insomnia

I've got a massive headache today. not quite a migraine yet, and honestly, I hope it doesn't get that far... this is because I only had 4 hours of very interrupted sleep... my brain just wouldn't shut down.

I wish I can balance the need for wakefulness and sleep perfectly, but somehow it always seems to allude me.

Between writing and real life my head feels like an a carousel going round and round with all my thought mixed up and trying to jump free and make themselves heard. while I stand on the outside with a big stick trying to shove them all back.

But in saying that... I know I have said it before. During bouts of insomnia I seem to get the most work done on plotting out story lines... and making notes on all new story ideas.  I love coming up with new ideas... whether or not I get to use them is another story... I just jot them down and put them all in a folder for later use.

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