Friday, 6 March 2015

Out Now From Fireborn Publishing

Cole Jakovich and Billy Martin find themselves thrown together in a fight that very well may take away both their lives. Together they will triumph or together they will fail. Only fate knows what’s in store for them all and she ain’t talking.

As a member of the Northern Sector Police Department Cole is given the job of protecting an undercover cop and two other men. Cole Jakovich finds not everything in his world is as it seems. Everything he’s ever known has come tumbling down around his ears when truths from his past come to the surface. The one place he’d always believed to be absolutely safe was about to be put to the test as a world he never knew existed calls a hunt them down upon not only him but the men under his protection as well.

Billy Martin former police officer finds his whole world flipped over as he realises the world he thought he knew was far from safe. Forced to choose between running and standing at Cole’s side to fight enemies which seem to be coming at them from all side. Billy does the only thing he can, especially when Cole is captured by an enemy who wants to see him dead.

The Diamond Rose is becoming known as a refuge for people from both worlds. Will Cole and Billy be able to keep everyone safe? Or will they all go down together? With the help of family and friends Billy and Cole find a strength they never knew existed.

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