Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Story Idea: Eternally Bound

 "How many tears does a person have to shed, before things start working as they should... Tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears of resentment, and tears of sadness? Sometimes the ones you love the most, have the capability of hurting you the worst. I find when dealing with people close to me I'm beginning to shut myself off. I don't want to be hurt any more. If I can't block them all out, I'm going to end up going insane."

 "If you give in things will never get better. I can promise you that. If you can't be strong then I'll be that for both of us. I'll be the one you can lean on when things get tough. No matter what, you can always count on me."

 Dwight stared into the reflective surface. When he concentrated hard enough he could see past the smoke and mirrors to the world beyond. So many times, and in different ways Dwight had tried to breach the barrier and each and every time he'd been shut down. Reaching out he placed his palm against the cool surface and waited. It wasn't long before the gesture was reciprocated. Heat passed through the barrier. Dwight felt the bond between the two of them growing stronger, and somehow Dwight realised he was more alone then ever.

 "You can count on me, D. One way or another I'll always be here to protect you."

 Tears leaked from Dwight's eyes. "How can you promise me that when we don't even exist in the same world. You tell me you are there for me. Yet they tell me you're not real—that I have to let you go. They say I'll never get better if I cling to you, but I don't know how to let you go. I don't know how to be me without you."

 Wiping his eyes, Dwight peered into the other reality and studied his best friend and confidant. Kylan had always been there for him. The guy called to Dwight in a very guttural sense. He was beautiful. His long dark hair fell in a waterfall to touch the top of his arse. his brows were the same midnight black colour, and his long lashes framed his scarlet eyes. Kylan had a perfectly aquiline nose, and lips so full all Dwight wanted to do was kiss them. The saddest part was knowing they would never be on the same space and time.

 Kylan sighed, "I swear by my very life that I'll come for you. They're wrong, you don't have to give me up to get better."

 "Don't promise me things you can't deliver."

 "I promise I'll figure a way."

 Before Dwight could say anything else Kylan stepped back from his side of the barrier and the other world faded away and once more Dwight found himself standing in his room alone. He knew the staff would be watching him through the windows like they always did and passing judgement on him. They didn't understand him, and they never would. Dwight moved across the room and lay down on his bed, determined more than ever not to give the watcher the show they were waiting for. This time he wasn't going to rant and rave—this time he was going to wait, and pray that Kylan was telling the truth. That this time Kylan would come and save him.

 Save him and take him away from the prison he'd been living in for most of his life. He hated being here. Hated not knowing how old he was. Or who he was. The only reason he knew his own name was because Kylan had told him. Kylan had told his so many things over the years when no one else would even talk to him. The truth was for as long as Dwight could remember he'd never physically been in the same room with another human being. his meals were passed through a slot that opened up in the wall. The same thing happened when he with new clothing, and anything else that he needed to exist.

 "Please come for me, Kylan."

 Rolling to bury his face in pillow Dwight finally let go. Huge shuddering sobs wracked his body as he let all his fears surface. If Kylan didn't come for him soon Dwight hoped he didn't wake up to live through another day in his lonely world.

 "Please, Kylan. Don't leave me here alone."

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