Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Life This Week

I still have the dreaded flu which is kicking my arse. I wish I could get rid of the headache and stop sneezing for at least five minutes. I've sneezed so much I think I've dislodged half my brain.

UPDATES: The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces is off to line edits. So no idea when I'll get them back, but it's getting closer to being released. I can't wait until I get the cover so I can show it off to you all... I love receiving new covers.

Hidden Hearts 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe, I still have 10K to write and hope to get it done by the weekend. as soon as it's done I will be sending #1 & 2 off to Firborn Publishing. Wish me luck.

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