Saturday, 24 September 2016

Today I'm In A Bad Mood

Today I have my cranky pants on... I just found out that I either have to find a builder willing to sign off on a Shed in my front yard or I have to sit and do a builder owner course to get a licence and a white card so that I can get the shed certified or I have to pull it down.

This totally sucks...

I blame my Ex for this as he didn't do it right when the shed was being built. On the outside I'm looking calm and collected, but on the inside... I'm bloody fuming.

Having to sit the test to get my licence will take weeks and then it might not even be usable because it is one huge arse shed. 18 X 9 X 4.8...

If anyone in the Gatton, Queensland area knows of any builder who can sign off on this I'll be forever grateful.


  1. You must know some of the builders Steve used to get around with and surely one of them will check it out and do it for you?

    1. Different sort of licences... and I've already asked... Pepe didn't know anyone, but he is also asking around for me. I am just so fricken mad I could spit chips.