Monday, 26 September 2016

What's Happening In My Life?

1: I've been very busy getting everything in order for when I start writing again... which I'm hoping will be later today or tomorrow. I even took the time to making up a schedule for both of my blogs... See at the end of this blog for schedule. I want to be able to stick to them for the end of this year at least and then I'll review them to see how they are working for me.

2: I guess everyone will have to get used to me blogging everyday again. In truth I have actually missed it.

3: On my WordPress blog I've actually pre-scheduled all my back burner books for the rest of the year... they'll be live each Australian Saturday... so stop by and check them out if you can and leave me a comment.

4: I'm still waiting for my house to sell so that I can finally move and unpack... I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks I can make a trip into IKEA and buy my new bookcases and a couple of other things and then I can at least set up my home library.

5: I can't believe the government is still arguing whether or not same sex marriage should be legalised... In my humble opinion they need to pull their heads out of their arses. I don't know why they or anyone else for that matter thinks they have a right to deny equality and basic human rights to people. I may personally be a straight woman, but I'm also under the belief--To each his/her own... we are a forward thinking people--so this backwards law needs to be abolished... Why can't the Queen just change the freaking law? It honestly annoys the crap out of me.

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