Monday, 19 March 2012

A Day Off - Well Kind Of...

Today I have done absolutely Jack shit in the writing department... Got my Flu shot so I am taking a break well kind of... I have been working on promotional idea's for The Lines of Marsden... With the help of my  new friend D.W. Skinner I am obtaining some wonderful character pictures... I already have:

Michael Marsden
Christian Risely
Doyle Kerwin

We are working on others as we speak... I just have to decide which characters I want to be represented on the Trading Cards. So I am waiting for Emily to come home from work so she can help me nut it out. Though sadly while I was thinking things through some of the future story lines have shifted so I see some series re tweaking coming my way. Hopefully it won't take forever - LOL.

I even remembered to update my widgets on this blog as well man I am so slack at that. here check out some of  D.W. Skinner's work on Deviant Art and you will see why I am getting this wonderful person to help me. (Unless you are my family then you may not want to see what I have been looking at for days on end - though Bren, if you do go look make sure Joe is there and freak him out for me - LOL).

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to writing as I want to finish the MLR Father's Day Story - When Souls Collide. The early I get it to the editor the easier it will be on both of us. I am about halfway done so I hope to finish by Wednesday... That will give Beta Reader Sue time to do her betaring for the Good Reads: Love Is Always Write  Free Reads Event  (You will need to be a member of the GoodReads MMRomance group to be able to access the link - so now would be a good time to join if you haven't already - you will also have to be a member of GoodReads  - so you may need to join there as well.)

On that note I will say that I subbed the Father's Day Novella - One Last Kiss Goodbye to Silver so I have an 8 week wait ahead of me. I figure I have a 50/50 chance of getting picked up... I will keep you all informed on whether we will be celebrating or commiserating - either way we can do it together - LOL.


  1. Sounds like you're a busy bee! Good luck with the submissions, too :^)

    1. Thank you, lately I need all the luck I can get lately... Got my kid to help nut things out - so I am back on track.

  2. Even though you say you have not done much it still sounds like you are very busy..

    1. Just not the kind of busy I am used to... But now I have a goal in mind I can get myself back on track.