Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am Away Today - Tattoo Convention

 Okay, the Bottom two are Emily's tattoos, mind you they have now been completed into a half sleeve. as have mine... I will post some more pictures when then get released by Sink The Ink - Tattoo and Body Piercing. Wish us luck...

 We should almost have out full sleeves done by GRL...


  1. Spooky! They must have taken forever. Love how the girl's shadow is a cat ^.^ Oh hey, you should wear a sleeveless, backless top at the Night of the Dead thing MLR is hosting in Albuquerque.

    1. @ EQ & Sav - Thanks ladies it was a fun day. I ended up buying two pair of shoes & a steam punk fob watch.

      @ Erica - The dress I wear to the Day of the dead thing is black and all tatt's will be on display.