Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Short & Sweet!!!


Quick update so you will know why I am so freaking busy & stressed. I know I probably have too much on mu plate but I think I have the stories in my head why not try and get them out there for everyone else to read as well. I think someone `mose well enjoy them rather than them collecting dust inside my mind. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it - LOL.

On Writing: wordage.

When Souls Collide - 11,160 - Due April 14th
What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do? - 554 (I scrapped it and started again) - Due May 1st.
One Last Kiss Goodbye - 7007 - Due April 10th

On Subbing:

Still working on Windblown Kisses: My Knight In Tarnished Armour. (77K)  still doing up the last tidy up before subbing.

On Edits:

I have just finished round two on The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken and am waiting for the editor to get back to me it is Currently just over 76K


I am doing two Christmas shorts I have no clue what they are about as yet but I will let you know when I have some sort of a story idea.


  1. Sucks big hairy reindeer balls to have so many characters fighting over you hih?! Be look at who they are argueing over YOU!! And all of it will be beautifully brilliant.


    1. They are awesome - mind you sometimes I just wanna slap them all up the side of the head.