Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's Up!!!

Okay not much has been happening of late. I have just been taking it easy since I finished both Father's Day stories.

Though yesterday I went and had another tattooing session and had all the outline put in for the final part to my Halloween sleeve - one of the guys that works in the tattoo shop picked it out it is called the pumpkin princess - I think - at least it will match all the other stuff I have going on with lots more bats. I will post a picture as soon as Rodney emails me the photograph so you can all see what I have going on. I didn't even realise I was getting tattooed until I saw it on my calendar but all is good.

What's next on my agenda  in the writing world - well Emily has put in the request that I write The Diamond Rose and the sequel to my freebie Shadows on the Heart - so I have pulled out On The Flipside of Reverse - to work on Tucker & Kylfa's story. I was going to extend SOTH - but than thought no I will leave it as the freebie short story. I don't really want to mess with it and screw it up. - though for Emily I am extending it... LOL.

The Diamond Rose is actually a story where Emily helped me come up with the characters and plot ... she even came up with the title - so if you ask her the whole story is hers and I am just the writer. I have been told that I have to dedicate the whole thing to her.


  1. Ohh tattoo, can't wait to see that...Good luck on the new stories...

    1. Thanks Sav... I figured I better do something for Emily even if it is just to get her to stop bitching at me - LOL.