Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In Case You're Interested...

Okay, it's like this... I have lost the plot on Wind Walkers - I seriously have no idea where I was going with that story. So I am thinking of bringing it to a close and starting on the next chapter Beneath The Rising Tide: Featuring Kai, ? & ? I will have to look up the other two characters names. I have it written down somewhere. (All I know for certain is the note is written on the back of a spiral bound note pad and it is in the office somewhere).

While swapping over two of my bedrooms at home I finally found the notes on The Diamond Rose. Emily had them sitting on her bedside table and here she was blaming me for losing them - HA!

I have updated all my Word Widgets on the blog face so you can all see how much I have done or not done as the case may be thought I am thinking of giving the whole thing a face lift - SHOULD I KEEP THE PICTURES OR SHOULD THEY GO?

My stitches are still in and annoying the hell out of me, but what else is new. Other than that I am basically just trying to catch up on the writing I have fallen behind on, if that makes sense.

Everyday I have new plot bunnies jumping into my head, and I have Vlad filing them for use at further date when I actually have time to think about writing something new.  Everyone tells me to focus on the ones I am doing and at least get them done. So Yeah it is the twelve on my to do list for now I am concentrating on - LOL.

This is for Z Allora in case she missed it on Facebook.
Ain't he pretty, even with the short hair.


  1. yes Z. missed andy's video... and now because Z. is in Germany the video can't be viewed.. LOL so Z. (who is so jetlagged is writing in third person...) will have to wait for three weeks to see this video grrrrrrrrr! Z. wishes this was seen a few hours ago lololol big hugs, z.

    1. LOL, Sad to here that- not. I will spend the next 3 weeks perving at him for the both of us.

  2. This kind of has nothing to do with your comment..ok nothing to do with the post you made but I didn't know where else to post it. I just wanted to say that I read your story Shadows On The Heart and I loved it!! I don't do menage stories..ever but I decided to read it b/c I love paranormal..and I just wanted to say..I think you have opened my eyes to a new genera. Anyways..I would love to read more about what happens between Tucker and Kylfa :D

    1. I am working on Tucker and Kylfa - my daughter wants there story ASAP. I'm glad you liked them as well and when I started that story I swear to God I never meant to to be MMM that just kind of happened. I am also extending Shadows on the Heart.