Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bloody Hell & Then Some...

Well here is an update on what is happening in my life... You will be all happy to know that the flu is all cleared up and I am feeling a hell of a lot better...

I have 3K to write on On the 12th Day - which I have decided to rename I am just not sure what I will call it yet... Any Suggestions? It is a paranormal Xmas he is a on the spot blurb:

The Moon-runner pack is hosting this years Mating Contract Ritual (big party where numerous pack come and vie for a mate - very rare do you ever find you heart-mate).

Liam Kantry wants to be with the man he has loved nearly his whole entire life - yet rumours and innuendos have left Liam named as the pack slut - not something Liam has ever disputed - so what if it wasn't true.

Carlos Bruenelli is waiting for his heart-mate; he is one of those who believe they really do exist the alpha-mate is proof of this. In his heart he wants it to be his best friend even if he is the town slut. 

As Christmas draws near they have to work their way through not only their own but the whole packs ideas on what a heart-mate should be.

As you can tell the blurb still needs some work done to it.


  1. Glad you are feeling better, me? I'm having a craptastic day. How about "Ho Ho Ho, Not!" "A Very Slutty Christmas", sorry brain not working that well today.

    1. Good to know I'm not the only ones who has craptastic days... I have all my crossables crossed that you feel better soon...